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    Matches 1 to 50 of 144

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     #   Notes   Linked to 
    1 (Kuttelburg) Nedelka, Frank (I847)
    2 +/- 5 years before 1860 census COOPER, John (I207)
    3 1785 Death entry mentions wife, Elizabeth, and sons Thomas, Samuel, William, and unborn. WILSON, Thomas (I634)
    4 1880 Census states his father was born in KY and mother in IN; 1900 Census sates both parents born in PA

    ** 1880 also states KY as the birthplace of the father of his children after already stating he was born in IL 
    Underhill, Isaac (I267)
    5 3675 E. 55 St Krajewski, Edward (I1019)
    6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Krajewski, Madeline 'Mike' (I713)
    7 : Section 9 Site 289 Mathis, Raymond D. (I1819)

    "West Virginia Deaths, 1853–1970." Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah. From originals housed in county courthouses throughout West Virginia. "Death Records.".

    Source (S326)
    9 a ad says it could be:

    Lives In: Cleveland, OH, US
    Friends & Family: Karen Slovikovski,
    Helen Nedelka,
    Helen Nedelka

    His wife is Helen and he does have a daughter Karen.
    Nedelka, John T (I838)
    10 According to Nelson Co. Bonds, Marriages & Consents:

    REED, William & GLOVER, Ruth
    Bond: 26 Mar 1804, Married 29 Mar 1804
    Signed bond: Charles Glover
    Consent Filed With Bond: Uriah Glover, father of Ruth
    Witness to Consent: Charles Glover, Stephen Glover
    Married by Moses Pierson, from Minister Return 
    Glover, Ruth (I628)
    11 age 76 Chaffee, Laura Esther (I1334)
    12 Age at Death: 43 Phillippe, George Washington (I320)
    13 Age at Death: 55 Jones, Lloyd I (I498)
    14 Age at Death: 61 Osborn, Abraham (I518)
    15 Age at Death: 64 Chamness, Anthony (I822)
    16 Age at Death: 69 McFarland, Cynthia Elizabeth (I212)
    17 Age at Death: 70 Gray, Emma (I500)
    18 Age at Death: 70 Spraker, Elizabeth (I187)
    19 Age at Death: 73 Farlow, Joseph (I970)
    20 Age at Death: 75 Cooper, Nancy May (I202)
    21 Age at Death: 78 GRAY, William (I353)
    22 Age at Death: 79 CHAMBERS, Martha (I331)
    23 Age at Death: 80 Phillippe, Thomas (I186)
    24 Age at Death: 81 Atchley, Thomas A Rev (I382)
    25 Age at Death: 82 CLAY, Thomas (I209)
    26 Age at Death: 87 Newman, Isaac (I1067)
    27 Age at Death: 88 Steffey, Elizabeth (I189)
    28 Age at Death: 90 Long, Thomas Wayne (I1876)
    29 Age at Death: 93 Phillippi, Christopher Stophell (I188)
    30 Age: 67 Mathers, Charles Elden (I792)
    31 Age: 69 Wilson, Robert Lowell (I484)
    32 Age: 77 Mathers, Calvin (I791)
    33 Age: 79 Etter, Herman (I456)
    34 Age: 80 Mathis, Raymond D. (I1819)
    35 Age: 81 OSBORN, Mary (I251)
    36 Age: 91 Jones, Jennie E. (I363)
    37 Age: 92 Mathers, Mary Dessie (I485)
    38 All Saints Cemetery Cleveland, OH Nogawka, Anna (I706)
    39 Ames Cemetery Reel, Elizabeth (I213)
    40 Ames Cemetery Wilson, Newby (I199)
    41 appx Allen, Lewis (I1204)
    42 apx birthdate Bumgarner, Mary Catherine (I1071)
    43 at his sister Teresa's home Camp, Charles Clifton (I1260)
    44 at Villa Nursing Home Phillippe, Clare Eva (I457)
    45 between 1664-1671 Straupp, Johannes (I1679)
    46 birth record has mom's name as Patent Stapleton, Mary Margarett (I2569)
    47 Birthdate is a guestimate based on age of children. Real date is not yet known. 22 March 2013
    Zemliska, Katherine (I848)
    48 Birthdate was a guestimate. Real info not yet known. 22 March 2013
    Nedelka, Frank (I847)
    49 buried Greenwood Cem. Atchley, Cora White (I329)
    50 buried Greenwood Cem. Sanders, Robert Lee (I1214)

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