Alexander Fraizer. Kennett. 8/31/1750. December 18, 1750. C. 256. To son Moses ½ plantation where I live (200 acres), the west end. To son John, 30 and ½ of plantation. To son Aaron 100 acres, part of a tract of 200 acres west of Susquehanna River. To son James the other 100 acres of said tract and 12 acres of another tract. To son Alexander the remainder of last tract, he paying to daughter Mary Garrettson £15. To daughter Miriam Frazer, a mare and other articles provided ""she behave well and marry among the people called Quakers."" Remainder including lotts in Newport and Wilmington to be sold and divided among children, Sarah Rich, Miriam Frazer, Moses and John. Executors: Friend Samuel Levis and sons Moses and John.