Aaron Coppock of Nottingham. 10/3/1726. December 17, 1726. A. 205. To son John the plantation whereon I live when he comes of age, subject to wifes life interest, the tract containing 100 acres or thereabout. To daughter Lydia and Merian Coppock £10 each. To daughter Sarah Frazer 5 shillings. To daughter Martha Robinson 5 shillings. To daughter Mary Sinclair 5 shillings. To son in law Ralph Thomson the money that is due me 40 shillings. To son in law John White 5 shillings. To son in law Saml. White 5 shillings. To daughter in law Elizabeth White 5 shillings. Executors: wife Miriam, James King to be assistant. Witnesses: James Wright, Samuel Lighter.